Church History

Since 1975, we have been helping families and individuals find and develop their potential in the Kingdom of God. Today, we are continuing this tradition as we assist many ministries around the world.

1975: Our Humble Beginnings

Pastor Richard S. Davis began Pentecostal Assembly in 1975, with meetings originally being held in a home. The church was incorporated in 1977, and as the assembly grew, meetings were held in a school auditorium located near our current church building.

Our First Building

Further growth necessitated the need for a building of our own, and in 1975, storefront property was purchased and remodeled at 2106 Sullivant Avenue. Over the next 16 years, many improvements were made, and in the 1980’s, design began for a new sanctuary addition. A groundbreaking ceremony was held in September of 1989 and occupancy began in 1991. The sanctuary would seat 400 and the lower level included nine new classrooms.

Bishop William Sciscoe

Reverend William L. Sciscoe joined the church as Associate Pastor in August of 1991. He assumed the role of Senior Pastor in November of 1992 and served that role until May of 2012. He was elected Bishop in May of 2010.

Senior Pastor Jerry Smucker

Reverend Jerry D. Smucker, M.D. became a member of our church in the fall of 1987 and has attended ever since. He was involved in leadership since 1992 and was appointed Executive Pastor in 2005. He was elected Senior Pastor in April of 2012.

Steady Growth Continues

The church experienced steady growth in the 1990’s. Near the end of 2001, as attendance approached 300, plans were made to relocate to a new building site. Ten acres of land were purchased along Interstate 70 in west Columbus.

A Fire and a Temporary Home

As plans were being finalized in December of 2001, a fire totally destroyed the church’s building at 2106 Sullivant Avenue. The building was declared a total loss, but no definite cause of the fire was ever determined. After the fire, the pastor of a nearby church offered the temporary use of a building located at 2622 Sullivant Avenue, as it had been sitting empty and unused. At the end of the following month, the church purchased this building.

Our New Building

After many zoning and regulatory issues were overcome, groundbreaking for the new building was held in November of 2004, with construction being completed in August of 2005. The new building is a “gymnatorium,” which can double as a gymnasium and as a sanctuary for our worship services. It was designed to become our Family Life Center and will host our services until the main sanctuary building can be constructed.

Our New Name

Our congregation has faced strong opposition, including water damage, a fire that destroyed our worship location, and major health issues that came to our Senior Pastor. Having overcome these obstacles, a new name seemed appropriate. By congregational vote, the church changed its name from Pentecostal Assembly, Inc. to The Church Triumphant of Columbus, Inc. Since that time, the church has continued to grow, developing new ministries along with continued improvement of the new location. Community outreach has been expanded and spiritual energy is increasing.

Ministry Beyond Our City

TCT supports many missionaries throughout the world. TCT has sent some of our own members to the foreign field, while several of our ministers travel worldwide for the purpose of evangelism. Our Pastor has always demonstrated a vision of worldwide evangelism.
Many individuals were mentored by Bishop Sciscoe and have gone on to serve as pastors and ministers in other locations. These include Scott and Wendy Venturini in Raleigh, North Carolina, Ric and Vicki Gonzalez in Chicago, Illinois, Carter and Joanna Moore as missionaries to Fiji, and Mark and Glenda Alphin, missionaries to Estonia and Finland, and Randy and Sherri Briggs, missionaries to Norway.

What should you expect here?

At TCT, we believe that the church is not about the drywall, the chairs, or the support beams, rather we believe the church is about people. People like you and, refreshingly, people that aren’t like you. It is our prayer that you will find friendly diversity of believers among the people of TCT.

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We've been helping families and individuals reach their potential in God since 1975.

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We believe that there is hope and eternal life in Jesus Christ!

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We believe that there is nothing greater than serving the Kingdom of God.

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