Life Skills

Life Skills is a relationship-focused, faith-based class that helps individuals overcome addictions and increase interpersonal relationships.

Mission & Vision

Life Skills deals with three different categories of relationships: others, God, and ourselves.  Because relationship skills go together, it is essential that each of these areas are addressed. The course is taught with all levels of experience in mind, so an individual may attend at any place in the curriculum.

Our Goal

Pastor Smucker has years of experience as a medical doctor. While he cared for many alcoholics and addicts from a medical standpoint, he was disappointed because he felt people needed more than just detox and rehab.  He felt they needed the help of proper relationships in their lives. 

Through several years of teaching in the state penitentiary and work-release programs, he experienced reward while seeing delivered from addiction and from lives that were hampered by stressful relationships and emotional wounds.  

This "aftercare" program was transformed into a course on relationships now known as Life Skills. While this assists many people with overcoming addiction to drugs of abuse, it also helps people to learn about relationships in general.  The course is not a 12-step program; it is better described as faith – based.  We believe in a life of deliverance that goes beyond the life of abuse.

Weekly Meetings

Weekly meetings are held at TCT on Wednesdays beginning at 5:45 pm. The setting is casual and is moderated by various leaders of TCT.  It is our hope that every one will benefit from the lessons of Life Skills, but also from the sharing of life experiences among class participants.  Please come and bring a friend!

Life Skills

Tools for Life

Topics covered include:

Understanding relationships in the past, present, and future. 
Defining "normal" 
Finding proper identity 
Understanding the healing of wounds
Understanding defense mechanisms
Understanding adult relationships instead of child – like relationships
Understanding bitterness and forgiveness
Setting priorities                                                                         Understanding the importance of service
Understanding vulnerability and building trust
Understanding collaboration

Psalms 107:13-14 ESV

Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress.  He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and burst their bonds apart.

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